We brought our sauerkraut to the annual conference of the Nutritional Therapy Association in Portland Oregon.

Two famous chefs from California stopped by our booth and tried our sauerkraut.  LOVED IT!!


You know this stuff is good if even kids love it  🙂

Customer reviews:

Good for you! This is a great product!  People are hungry for that “old school” stuff.  It’s refreshing.  Love the homemade taste. —  Health Food Flanagan’s

I’ve always liked sauerkraut, but they all taste the same, right? I mean what’s so different? But then I tried this sauerkraut….WHOA! Yum! So far I’ve tried it on brats, hot dogs, reuben sandwiches, and as a side dish to my meals. I’m definitely convinced this is the BEST! — Ellen, Germantown, WI

I’m SO happy you’re making kraut for the world.  It’s a great product! — Kate

This sauerkraut….it’s like Heaven to me!

This is so tasty!  — Anna

Wow this is awesome!

Better than anything I’ve ever had!

Your sauerkraut is amazing, and I’m a picky eater! — Elena, Owner FRESH cafe in Mequon, WI

Everyone who tries your sauerkraut loves it.  Some customers are buying 2 – 3 jars at a time! — Sadie, LANGLOIS Vital Nutrition Center, Milwaukee

I’ve tried a lot of different brands of sauerkraut, nothing compares to this! — Renee, Saukville, WI

Your sauerkraut is just so darn good!!!

Thank you for making your sauerkraut.  I will become a regular customer. I can’t get enough! — Lucy, Port Washinington, WI

This stuff is really good.  I definitely want it at my cafe. — Nicole, Owner, Java Dock Cafe, Port Washington, WI

Your sauerkraut is awesome.  One jar is already gone and I just started another. — Rick, Hartford, WI

Once you start eating this sauerkraut, it’s hard to stop. It’s so good! — Wally, West Bend, WI

It’s so good for you.  I really love the taste.  The dill one tastes like pickles and I LOVE pickles.  All you need is a spoonful with each meal, and you will start to feel better. — Mason, Age 12, West Bend, WI

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