Wally & Nancy Steger

Raw, organic, cultured vegetables are a lifesaver for owners, Wally and Nancy. Eating raw sauerkraut every day improved their health issues in a huge way.

So about five years ago, the Stegers began making their own organic sauerkraut and many, many people love the product.  The sauerkraut is now available in 5 varieties, so everyone can find a flavor they enjoy.

Wellness Found is committed to making sauerkraut the old fashioned way, in German Ceramic Crocks.

“Other companies ferment their sauerkraut in plastic containers, but we do not”  says Wally.

“We believe we have a superior product because of our fermenting methods. Also we use 100% Certified Organic Vegetables, and pure Artesian water,” adds Nancy.


Empowering YOU to enjoy excellent health, by making better choices for yourself.



We are a group of like-minded individuals who believe life is a precious gift. We want to feel great and have a lot of energy every day. We want to live long, healthy lives. We know this will not happen by accident. Choices we make each day will determine where we end up. To reach our goals, it will take a solid plan and a lot of determination. We choose to support each other each step of the way!